HP - Setup & Onboarding

Designing for HP’s printer setup and onboarding experience. Creating a synchronous experience between a physical and digital experience .


UX Designer


May 2021 - current


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With the rise and development of technology, HP was instrumental in creating accessible laptops and printers available for home consumers. Until joining HP, I never realized that printers have evolved significantly throughout these years as we’ve developed wireless printing capabilities and advanced features in controlling your printing using your phone. During a research session, it was clear to me that one of the main challenges in setting up your printer were comprehension and user fatigue.

Problem Space

Setup and onboarding was a long & arduous process when combining the physical and digital space especially when most customers' mental model for printers are traditionally plug my printer and print. In a setup process that consists of many different elements such as account creation, verification, wifi connectivity, and upsell of offers, it's easy for users to feel frustrated and confused.

How do we measure success?

The goal is to create an ideal experience built on a comprehensive set of insights that work together to connect product sensory cues to home consumer aspirations while meeting business goals. We want to reimagine an innovative smart printing experience that drives highest HP+ conversion, higher II adoption, user engagement, and user satisfaction.

How do I contribute to this process?

As a UX Designer, I craft high level user journeys in the Setup and Onboarding team for printers focusing on our small office home office customers to help create the ideal setup flow. I have been actively leading and strategizing how we conduct A/B testing for HP+ – a smart printing system empowering a productive and sustainable way of printing.

In addition, I have also spearheaded an innovation project for our onboarding and exploration process within the HP Smart app. 

Note: If you’d like an in-depth breakdown these projects, feel free to reach out or contact me for more details!